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Fitness Alternatives Offers...


A Whole Health Movement Philosophy

Join us to enhance your fitness regime with a total body conditioning system that increases abdominal strength, creates better posture and improves flexibility.  It is considered an intellectual exercise program that heals the body as well as the mind.  When Joseph H. Pilates developed the whole health method, it was called "Contrology".  The movement was based on martial arts and yoga as well as body-building techniques from the west.  He incorporated six principles into the movement -  Concentration,  Control, Center, Flow, Precision and Breathing! 

We believe that a whole health focus in our classes addresses the body with strength and flexibility through exercise.  The diaphragmatic breathing serves as a means of circulation for relaxation and detoxification as well as a guided meditation for health and wellness. 

Pilates Individual Training and Small Group Classes

The selection of pilates classes we offer was thoughtfully designed to complement the use of various Pilates apparatus with the application of small group mat courses. The Pilates classes are small and personalized (usually about six people) so the benefits of improving flexibility, building strength and endurance can be realized. The emphasis on breath in the mat class is used to connect to the core and provide the mind/body connection to the movement.   

Fitness Alternatives also offers private and semi-private sessions on the Pilates equipment by appointment.  To schedule, click below or call 414-573-2895.

Movement with Meditation Classes

Low impact strength and conditioning continuous movement will enhance your aerobic conditioning and your circulation for 30 minutes.  After the cool down, the foam roller provides a perfect environment to reverse forward-head posture (typical with cellphone usage)  and improve core conditioning.  Breathing for relaxation response and brain/body connection are acknowledged as a means of meditation. 

Bootcamp Classes

The Fitness Alternatives' approach to our Bootcamp class emanates from a deep core-conditioning approach that incorporates squats, lunges, compound movements and push-ups (modified if necessary) on a Pilates mat.  The class seeks to invigorate the whole-body system by enhancing strength and stability, providing for renewed energy.


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